The path to success

Stephane Rondal
What makes Arexo great is not the company itself, it's all the people at Arexo who are themselves great. And I'm proud to work with them on a daily basis.
Stephane, Founder, Managing Partner

Come and work with us. But why would you? Maybe because:

  • We’re having fun, plenty of events, family days, …
  • Work can be fun too, running hackathons, workshops, …
  • You’re encouraged to train and develop yourself, attend conferences, …
  • We do work hard, but we really care about you and your well being. In fact we even have a Happiness circle, a group you could be part of, who meets regularly with the sole objective to improve happiness at work
  • We’re experts, and so are you probably (or you intend to become one), always practicing and improving our crafts: devops, architecture, management, leadership, …
  • We’re Agile, in the true term, understanding and applying its core values and principles
  • We’re on a mission, to satisfy our clients and provide them with (custom-built) solutions, but also contributing to make the world a better place, with our WAJUG initiative and our Devoxx4Kids collaboration

Does this sound like a place where your talents could shine and you could fulfill your career aspirations? We invite you to look through our career openings and submit your CV.

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