Job openings Business Developer

Business Developer… Business Enabler… Business Facilitator… Sales Manager, or …. you’ll choose your own job title.

First and foremost, we are looking for someone with the right attitude and the right mindset, which is for us way more important than the job title.
To help you understand what it means working for Arexo, we invite you to read this page, we think it sums it up pretty well.


  • understand, incorporate and act accordingly to Arexo’s value and culture
  • drive the entire sales cycle from initial engagement to closed sales, achieving yearly sales targets
  • increase Arexo’s client/project/mission portfolio, both for new client and existing clients
  • have a hunter mentality with prospecting experience
  • high level of relevant IT knowledge in order to have meaningful conversations
  • promote Arexo’s brand
  • dispose of a big and adequate commercial network, which will be enriched and shared with Arexo
  • result-minded, compensated as such, including financially (base salary + sales commissions)
  • energetic, enthusiast, transparent and open-minded attitude
  • you have strong communication and negotiation skills, with a professional attitude
  • provide clear progress status to management, with transparency w/regards to difficulties, and an open attitude towards their resolution
  • suggest and carry on agreed-upon evolutions to market position, service offering, branding, sales process, …
  • help recruiting new collaborators that match Arexo’s value and culture, and meet market demands
  • coach/brief Arexo’s consultants when preparing for interviews, new missions
  • actively collaborate to Arexo’s internal life, co-development workshops, …
  • actively collaborate to Arexo’s continuous improvement, including but not limited to marketing material, commercial presentations, tools, ways of working, …

Why join Arexo?

Working with Arexo means working within a community of professionals who share the same values and do what they do with great passion. Arexo is a place where every idea is worthy and where every individual is valued with his own uniqueness as differences make our strength.

So why don’t you hop on and start accelerating your career. Our collaborative approach and co-creation culture will even get you to steer the company in directions that as a team, we define altogether.

Interested? Use our contact form, or drop us an email at and let’s start talking.