Focus on Energy

Utilities today are going through major changes: deregulation, unbundling, competition and sustainability are becoming key risks. As the market becomes more complex and dynamic, compliance with European regulations are also key priorities for energy and utilities players.

At Arexo, we can help streamline your business processes, and build a more flexible, agile and integrated infrastructure in order to meet market and regulatory changes. You can leverage our expertise to improve IT operations, assets and compliance management.

Trading Operations

We can help decision-makers respond to changing business conditions associated with oil, gas and coal commodity risks. For example, Arexo can provide front, middle and back-office support in the event of fluctuating commodity supplies. We can develop systems that provide accurate demand level and market pricing data that ensures the fair and dynamic exchange of electricity across the region.

Field service management

Our Business Analysts can assist you in integrating smart grid devices in the information network, as well as the deployment of smart meters to receive data about the distribution networks, as well the consumption patterns of their consumers.

Customer provisioning and billing

We can help utilities firms, particularly those that are in a deregulated environment, improve their customer service levels to reduce customer churn. For example, our systems can support the onboarding and disconnect/connect processes, such as CRM, billing, invoicing, payments and collections.